The Louisiana Statistical Analysis Center (LSAC) is designed to maintain and enhance the collection and distribution of criminal justice data. This data is provided to the Governor, Legislature, Sheriff Offices, Police Departments, and Criminal Justice Agencies with a proficient objective to research and analyze the criminal justice issues in Louisiana. This statistical research is to improve the effectiveness of policymaking, program development, planning, and provide a statistical picture of the changes in crime and useful data to recognize problems in Louisiana.

LSAC is funded by a series of grants from the United States Department of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). The LSAC serves as our state’s representative in the BJS statistical analysis national network program.

Louisiana crime statistics are submitted by law enforcement agencies using the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) incident-based reporting method, LIBRS/NIBRS, and LEMIS IBR. These programs are nationwide and collect data from cities, universities, colleges, parishes, tribes, and law enforcement agencies.


  • Enhance the capability of Louisiana to collect, analyze, and interpret data on criminal justice issues relevant to the state

  • Provide a mechanism which supports the collection and sharing of vital criminal justice system data among the states and between the states and the federal goverment

  • Serve the information and needs of the state and federal governments, and provide a core body of knowledge about the administration of criminal justice in the State of Louisiana

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Louisiana Sentencing Commission (LSC)

The enactment of statutes defining criminal offenses and the establishment of ranges of penalties for those offenses is a nature of substantive law solely within the prerogative of the Legislature.  The determination and imposition of sentence in particular cases is generally the function of the sentencing court, subject to the appellate review and to mandatory sentences provided by law.  The legislature has determined that the best interest of the state would be served by the development of a uniform sentencing policy for use by the Louisiana Judiciary.  The purpose of the Louisiana Sentencing Commission is to assist the judiciary and the legislature in formulating such policy.  The Commission shall conduct an annual review of the State’s Sentencing structure based upon existing criminal law and law relative to criminal procedure.  The Commission may recommend such legislation as may be necessary and appropriate to achieve a uniform sentencing policy.

Integrated Criminal Justice Information System Commission (ICJIS)

The Integrated Criminal Justice Information System Policy Board (ICJIS) was established under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice, Office of the Governor.  The purpose of the policy board is to assist the agencies involved in the operations of the individual systems by facilitating the development of the ICJIS, providing for common standards which ensure communications among systems.


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